Mobile 3D Scanning for Video Games and Feature Films


What We Do

About Pixelgun Studio

2K Sports challenged us to scan the entire NBA scattered across the country with less than 7 minutes a player. In response we deployed the world’s first mobile scanning studio. Since then we have scanned some of the most recognizable athletes and movie stars of our time. We are the premiere scanning solution when it comes to quality and flexibility.

Mobile Scanning

A 146 DSLR camera array in a self powered RV. All we need is a parking space.

FACS Scanning

Ultra high detail face scans with up to 16k textures. We capture every detail.

Retopology Services

We can deliver bodies and heads on our geometry or yours!

Fast Turnaround

Most raw scans can be delivered within 24-48 hours. Retopology in under 5 business days.

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